The Story of Plastic The Story of Plastic (2019)


类型:美国 比利时/中国大陆/印度/印度尼西亚/菲律宾 纪录片
导演:Deia Schlosberg
介绍:Plastic pollution is everywhere we look, smothering our oceans and poisoning communities around the world. Meanwhile, Big Plastic only plans to expand production. Luckily, a global resistance movement is rising up to fight back.   Filmed across three continents and featuring never-before-seen footage from the front lines of the crisis, The Story of Plastic is the last documentary about plastic you’ll ever need to see, a seething expose of the true villains and heroes behind plastic pollution fight. Directed by Deia Schlosberg and produced by Pale Blue Dot Media in association with React To Film.